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Graph Center

Our Graph Center allows you to easily view groups of metrics from your service checks which can be organized by service check type, host templates, Hashtags or Business Services. It makes it really easy to quickly view large amounts of data in a user-friendly view, making any anomalies immediately obvious. 

A Single Pane Of Glass

See all of the data you’re responsible for, all in one place. There's no need to search through multiple screens, or worse, be forced to use multiple logins. All of your most important graphs can be found in one place, making you more efficient and helping you to reduce costly downtime. 

Using Opsview's Graph Center

Automated Viewing

Graphs displayed within the’ view section’ are automatically resized depending on how many graphs you want to view at the same time. By providing a clean viewing experience, you are able to quickly access the information you need and customize the specific metrics you want to view at any time. 

Easy Navigation

Within the navigation section of the Graph Center, you can easily configure, save, and share graphs so your entire team can see what’s going in within your infrastructure and save time that be used  to increase value to the business. 

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