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Easy Configuration and Use

Opsview’s configuration tools massively reduce the time you spend on managing your monitoring system. With easy and fast configuration, you can automatically discover, set-up, change, monitor and analyze your most important data in order to gain new insights and deliver better value to your organization. 

Less Reliance On Specialists

You don’t want one person on your team to be the only monitoring expert in the room. With Opsview’s easy configuration and use, there is less reliance on monitoring specialists and more people can use the system to check for issues.  

Structuring Your Configuration for Consistency and Speed in Opsview Monitor

Get Up and Running Quickly

After installing Opsview, you are able to get up and running quickly in order to solve your monitoring needs. With no special skills required to navigate and utilize the system, you can operate more efficiently while saving time and money. 

Increased Efficiency

With other IT monitoring tools, IT administrators spend substantial time configuring system monitoring. With Opsview Monitor’s automated configuration, this time is reduced by as much as 90%! 

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