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Disaster Recovery

High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR)

If a user is looking to handle a situation where the production Opsview Master Server is lost (e.g. due to machine, network, or site failure), implementing Opsview Disaster Recovery (DR) may be an appropriate solution. Opsview DR is distinct from Opsview High Availability (HA) in that it is not typically intended to provide an immediate or seamless transition from a failed Opsview System over to its replacement - instead it acts as a ‘warm standby’, where manual intervention is required to move to your DR infrastructure. 

Target Architecture: For users requiring resiliency from datacenter outage using a manual fail over method. 


  • Standby Opsview Master Server
  • Replicated Database to Remote Site / DR Infrastructure
  • DNS CNAME Swap


  • Remote Site Failover
  • Low Complexity


  • Manual Process
  • TTL Dependent Response Time

Why get Disaster Recovery with your Opsview subscription?

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