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Opsview for Mid-Market Enterprises

From Small To Large: Cisco Graduates From Nagios For Global Scalability With Opsview

Previously using Nagios, Cisco was struggling to get the system deployed across the globe. With multiple labs, development operations teams and developers dotted around the world, Cisco was looking for a tool which would allow them to combine their monitoring into a single dashboard. Being a networking company in the technology sector led them to the realization of the need for customizable dashboards and a flexible, intuitive monitoring solution.

Dashboards and Visualizations with Opsview Monitor

Cut Through The Clutter With Business Service Monitoring

Time is everything in IT. Most of the time is just spent searching for the things that are critical to ensuring service SLAs. With Business Service Monitoring, cut through unneeded alerts and notifications to see exactly what's being affected, and grouped for your own customized view.

eBook: Mid-sized Enterprise IT Challenges: Five No-Brainer Solutions

From delivering new services and meeting service quality expectations to avoiding data breaches, Mid-sized Enterprises (defined as up to 5,000 employees) face all of the same challenges as larger enterprises,  but have smaller budgets and fewer IT resources to apply. Hence, they must be smart about their choices. In this eBook, we explore the top 5 biggest IT challenges facing ME's today and suggest some practical, yet important solutions to help drive growth and most importantly, business success! 

Companies Scale with Opsview

Evenbase are guided by the team that pioneered online recruitment in 1995 by creating when there were just 40,000 internet users across the UK. 

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Supporting the infrastructure of the largest network of events and participants in the world.

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NewVoiceMedia enables their customers to sell more, better serve existing customers, and grow their business faster . 

Atomic Data is a Managed Service Provider that identifies, designs, implements, and manages their customers’ technology solutions. Atomic Data provides a proven infrastructure combined with unrivalled, local 24x7x365 support and monitoring.

Since 1971, Stadtwerke Schwäbisch Hall has been trading as a limited liability company with the sole shareholder being the city of Schwäbisch Hall

Vision Critical provides market research to over 600 global organizations including a third of the world’s top brands.

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Secure encryption
Service desk connector
Business Service Monitoring
Process maps
SNMP, WMI and Opsview Agents
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Reporting for business and auditing needs
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Scalability with Slave servers for growing IT estates
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