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Included in Opsview Monitor 5.4
Opsview Supported
by Justin Riddell

Sensatronics Opspack Overview

Sensatronics offers custom temperature monitoring and alerting systems that are accurate, constant, easy-to-use and affordable. This Opspack allows users to take temperature readings from a Sensatronics temperature monitoring system over SNMP. 



To configure and utilize this Opspack, you simply need to add the 'Infrastructure - Sensatronics' Opspack to the host running the Sensatronics software and specify the Sensatronics SNMP with V3. 

Step 1: Add the host template

Infrastructure - Sensatronics host template

Step 2: Add and configure the host SNMP

Infrastructure - Sensatronics snmp credentials

Step 3: Reload and view the Sensatronics statistics

Infrastructure - Sensatronics service checks