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Microsoft Active Directory

Included in Opsview Monitor 5.4
Opsview Supported
by Justin Riddell

Microsoft Active Directory Opspack Overview

Active Directory (AD) is a Windows OS directory service that facilitates working with interconnected, complex and different network resources in a unified manner.

Active Directory was initially released with Windows 2000 Server and revised with additional features in Windows Server 2008. Active Directory provides a common interface for organizing and maintaining information related to resources connected to a variety of network directories. The directories may be systems-based (like Windows OS), application-specific, or network resources (ex. printers). Active Directory serves as a single data store for quick data access to all users and controls access to users based on the directory's security policy.


MS Active Dir - Checks TCP port 445

To configure and utilize this Opspack, you simply need to add the 'Application - Microsoft Active' Directory Opspack to the host running the Microsoft Active Directory software.

Step 1: Add the host template

Application - Microsoft Active Directory host template

Step 2: Reload and view the Microsoft Active Directory statistics

Application - Microsoft Active Directory service checks