A different kind of software company

Here at Opsview, we’re a different kind of software company. So, to know us better, let us tell you a story.

Once upon a time ... Jake only had to worry about IT services delivered on bare-metal servers in his server room. Nobody upstairs understood what he did, they just knew they couldn’t live without him. Jake filled his days racking up servers and kicking ass on Call of Duty. He was secure in his realm. Life was good.

But then one day Jake’s boss hired Emile.

Emile didn’t want to sit in the basement with Jake and his COD buddies. He sat upstairs and spent all his time talking about GitHub, AWS, containers and OpenStack. It wasn’t long before Emile started building new enterprise applications with complex, microservices-based architectures that Jake didn’t fully understand.

Even worse, Emile was deploying these apps into the cloud without Jake’s help. Jake realized something had to be done. He couldn’t keep up with the pace of change Emile and his growing team were placing on the business or understand the risks associated with the new systems they were creating.

In a caffeine induced panic, Jake realized it wasn’t just about racking servers anymore. He had to evolve, too. He looked into how he could increase efficiency in his own datacenter and came upon configuration and management tools that allowed him to deploy new, modern services, rapidly.

Things were getting better, but Jake and Emile now had software spread across multiple locations and different infrastructures. Jake needed a monitoring product that could help him understand how the performance of Emile's new apps impacted staff and customers. He jumped onto Google and started searching. Within seconds Jake found Opsview Monitor.

First released in 2004, Opsview Monitor has evolved into a cloud-scale IT monitoring platform that enables Jake to make faster, smarter decisions to deliver improved service levels and greater DevOps efficiencies.

As Jake's hybrid IT environment has grown, Opsview Monitor has scaled with it. He particularly loves the way it integrates tightly with Service-Now and automatically monitors hosts as that are deployed with Ansible or Puppet. Whenever Jake runs into any problems, he knows he can get expert help from Opsview's always helpful customer support team. More than any other IT vendor, Opsview really seems to care about his success.

Within weeks of deploying Opsview Monitor, Jake and Emile started swapping brewing tips and planning their next trip to DockerCon. Life is different, but it's good again ;)

So, if like Jake, you’re looking for a single, unified monitoring tool that connects the performance of your hybrid IT infrastructure and apps with the effectiveness of your business service delivery, get started with our Free Plan today.

A Passionate Team

We’re led by a team who constantly questions and challenges to unlock potential at every turn.

Founder and CEO
Vice President of Worldwide Sales
Vice President of Engineering
Vice President of Finance & Operations
Director of Customer Success
Product Architect
Principal Product Strategist
Director of Global Marketing

Opsview's Culture

Our Values ...

  • My team is Opsview
    • We're dedicated to building a rewarding, supportive, fun place to work
    • We commit to teamwork and working towards shared vision and goals
  • Customer Centricity
    • We put customers at center of everything we do
  • Doing Different
    • We are committed to driving genuine innovation in our industry
  • Opsview Delivers
    • We deliver positive outcomes efficiently and effectively that meet customer expectations

Our Behaviors ...

  • Think big
    • If you can dream it, we can build it together
  • Deal with the big issues first
    • Address the most important decisions early and don't get lost in the detail
  • Hold each other to account
    • We encourage colleagues to hold us to account for our actions
  • Give and be open to honest feedback
    • We celebrate the courage it takes to ask those difficult questions
  • Get it done
    • Swift decision-making is followed by quality execution, everyday

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