Opsview Announces Release Of Opsview Monitor 5.3

Opsview Monitor 5.3 drives innovation by adding support for new Opspacks and delivers granular historical data tracking with a new InfluxDB integration
Mar 02, 2017

Opsview, a leading provider of enterprise class IT monitoring software, today announced the release of Opsview Monitor 5.3. Opsview continues to grow its comprehensive list of supported technologies, allowing IT teams to help bolster innovation and ensure service uptime within their companies. MongoDB, Varnish Cache and HAProxy are the latest additions to the growing list of Opspacks included in our Opspack Marketplace.

Also, Opsview Monitor now fully integrates with InfluxDB, the open-source time series database. This allows customers to capture more granular data over a longer period of time, enabling improved analytics and the ability to store detailed performance data that can be used to make more informed decisions. These new capabilities are now available for all users of Opsview Monitor Enterprise, MSP, Pro and Atom Editions. 

As part of Opsview’s mission to provide users with the best possible monitoring solution, there are also numerous UI and performance improvements in Opsview Monitor 5.3 including:

  • Improved dashboards – a wide range of improvements to dashboard dashlets throughout Opsview Monitor; highlighting not only Opsview’s commitment to functionality, but also the visualization and representation of data for greater user experience
  • Increased dashboard performance, showing improvements of up to a 40% reduction in processing time 
  • Incorporation of numerous changes resulting from detailed user feedback that delivers improved user efficiency 

Opsview Monitor 5.3 is available now for all users of Opsview Monitor Enterprise, MSP, Pro and Atom Editions, so you can upgrade right away! The full list and documentation of new capabilities and enhancements is detailed in our Opsview Monitor 5.3 Release Notes, including a complete description of how to complete your upgrade. If you need help, feel free to contact our Customer Success team who will be happy to assist you and be sure to read our full release blog

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