What is Opsview Atom?

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Introducing Opsview Atom

Opsview’s newest offering “Opsview Atom” provides users with one of the best free monitoring solutions around.  Unlike other free/open source solutions, Opsview Atom is a fully featured ‘ready to go’ monitoring solution allowing users the advanced functionality of Opsview Enterprise for free up to 25 devices. It’s real enterprise level software, and it’s really free.

What does this mean for new Opsview Atom users and existing Opsview Core users? Well, quite simply it means they will be getting a lot of functionality for free including SNMP traps, Windows WMI, VMware and Oracle Opspacks (to name but a few), and various other features that were previously limited solely to Pro and Enterprise customers.

This means that they will soon be able to amaze customers with stunningly visual dashboards like this one:

They will also be able to not only auto-discover entire networks in a matter of seconds, but also auto-profile the items discovered.This means Opsview Atom can not only detect a server, but detect the operating system and apply Opspacks accordingly – all automatic. This takes the startup time from hours to a matter of minutes! 

Enterprise Features

Finally, Opsview Atom will allow users various other advanced features including:

•    Opsview service desk connector: The ability to have Opsview login and raise tickets automatically in a service desk when a problem is detected. This means that service desk engineers lives are made significantly easier!

•    Opsview Business Service Monitoring: The ability to group devices, applications, etc into groups with fault tolerances called components, and group those components into a hierarchy called a ‘business service’. This allows users the ability to map highly complex business services within their monitoring solution – and quickly undertake root cause analysis of a failed service to detect the culprit.

Opsview Atom will also contain all of the previous favorite features too, including:

•    Push notifications for both iOS and Android apps
•    Keywords
•    Events viewer
•    Roles and contacts allowing multi-tenancy
•    SNMP Polling – Highly intuitive setup of custom SNMP polling checks
•    LDAP / Active directory integration
•    Notifications via a range of platforms including Email, RSS, SMS, VictorOps, PagerDuty and more

How to get it

We think Opsview Atom is a great product that provides a fantastic range of functionality, totally free for up to 25 Hosts. Take it for a spin today; see for more details on how to download Opsview Atom – either via the repositories, VMware appliance, Hyper-V appliance or even the Cloud platforms; Amazon EC2 and Google Cloud Compute!

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