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Whats new in Opsview 4.5?

With the release of Opsview 4.5 (for Pro, Enterprise and MSP customers), Opsview provides some brand new functionality, and also enhancements to existing technologies – that all serve to further Opsview customers’ experiences of the software, and aid them in problem detection and resolution.

Business Service Monitoring (BSM)

The headline feature of 4.5 is ‘Business Service Monitoring’.  A Business Service is an...

What is it?

BSM is the acronym for the advanced monitoring of hosts and services in Opsview 4.5 – allowing us to group similar hosts into components, set resiliency on these components, and add multiple components to form a top level service.

This will allow users a much-enhanced view into their IT infrastructure – as now Opsview will understand resiliency, availability, etc.

Users will also be able to undertake actions against every layer of the BSM, from...

business service monitoring - concept & logic

This is a two part series on the development of Opsview's newest feature, Business Service Monitoring. Written by Sam Marsh, Product Manager, Opsview.

Continuing where we left of on our 'Concept and...


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