IT Monitoring Whitepapers & Technical Guides

Download our white papers, reports and guides examining best practices when monitoring hybrid physical, virtual and cloud-based infrastructures - a must-read for IT Operations staff who want complete service assurance for their datacenter.

Optimizing Oracle Query Performance with Opsview   

In a world of high volume, data-driven solutions, a slow query can bring a mission critical application to a grinding halt.  Slow queries can be caused by a variety of things ranging from hardware, config file parameters or structural problems with the query or the database itself.  This technical guide offers a deep-dive into fine tuning queries to get the most out of your Oracle database monitoring.

Setting up an On-Call Schedule using Shared Notification Profiles

In today’s Enterprise IT environments, 24x7 uptime is becoming an increasingly common requirement. Supporting global markets and a constant web presence has meant the need for business continuity has expanded.

NetFlow monitoring with Opsview

With Opsview's Network Analyzer, businesses can examine real time and historical network traffic statistics by leveraging Cisco’s NetFlow protocol, helping to identify “Top Talkers" on the network and providing insight into the way resources are being consumed.

This technical guide takes a deep-dive into how it works and what it can do.

Opsview in the cloud: monitoring with Amazon Web Services

As more infrastructure services are hosted in the cloud, organizations need to adjust their monitoring to ensure visibility to off-premise infrastructure is maintained.

This technical guide details how Opsview can integrate with your Amazon’s Web Services platform to provide a complete monitoring solution for your EC2, Operating System, Relational Database Service and Elastic Load Balancer infrastructure.

IT monitoring & automation

In a monitoring context, automation allows our monitoring tool to react based upon a series of criteria being met. In other words, when something goes wrong, the system has the power to automatically fix it (proactive monitoring) or automatically alert someone (notifications) or even automatically create a ticket in a service desk and assign it to a queue (service desk connectors).

What is IT monitoring and why should you use it?

In Opsview, like in many other IT Monitoring / Application Performance Management companies, we like to talk about the next generation of monitoring and the new features that are constantly being released and developed; from multi-tenancy and scalability through to service monitoring, dashboards, cloud, etc.

This technical guide covers some of the basic principles of what IT monitoring is and what the information provided by IT monitoring means to an organization.

The importance of IT monitoring: assuring key business services availability

Have you ever struggled to explain to your boss why free IT monitoring tools just don’t cut it in an enterprise environment? Ever wondered how to demonstrate that the continued health of your IT infrastructure and business applications is critical to your company’s bottom line?

Opsview Enterprise architecture whitepaper

This paper explains how Opsview Enterprise’s Business-powered architectural design distinguishes it from other enterprise monitoring products.

We introduce the key design principles and demonstrate how these combine to deliver unparalleled scalability and flexibility, making Opsview Enterprise the essential product for managing the challenges of the 21st century datacenter.


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