What are the main differences between Opsview Core, Pro and Enterprise?

Opsview is an enterprise systems monitoring suite designed to give you flexibility, functionality and choice depending on your monitoring environment.

Opsview Core is the open source version of our software. It’s free to download, use and customize.  We provide support for Core users via our forums and have over 20,000 users many of whom help us develop and enhance the product.  Opsview Core is ideal for anyone evaluating Opsview, monitoring small non-critical networks or wanting to develop new functionality.

Opsview Pro is a powerful, production-ready solution for SMEs who want to monitor network infrastructures up to a maximum of 200 devices. Provided on a subscription basis, via our website, Opsview Pro offers enhanced functionality, including dashboards and online tech support.

Opsview Enterprise is designed for enterprise organisations and service provider companies who need to monitor and manage large, distributed IT estates of up to 20,000 devices per master. Opsview Enterprise is provided on an annual subscription and includes access to dashboards, reports, Opsview’s data warehouse and more, plus it’s supported by our expert technical and development team. 

How do I upgrade from Opsview Core to Opsview Pro

First you need to buy a license for Opsview Pro. This can be done online from our website. Once your transaction has been approved you will receive a license key and instructions on how to access the software. Please follow our published instructions to upgrade from Core to Pro. 

How do I upgrade from Opsview Pro to Opsview Enterprise

As a Opsview Pro customer you may decide that you need to monitor more than 200 devices or need access to Opsview Enterprise’s additional features like reports. If so, please contact our sales team.

How do I upgrade from Opsview Community to Opsview Core?

Opsview Core is the new name of our previous free software – Opsview Community edition. If you are an existing Opsview Community edition user and want to upgrade to Opsview Core then update your installation following the usual process, described here.

Is Opsview open source software?

Yes. Opsview Core is licensed under the popular GPL V2 open source licence. Opsview Pro and Opsview Enterprise are licensed under a commercial licence.

How do I get involved in the Opsview community eco-system?

Joining our community is free and comes as part of your registration on this website. We welcome code and translation contributions from community members - visit our Developer Zone.

Our community forums are a particularly useful place to seek the assistance of community members in solving issues you’re experiencing with Opsview Core.

Opsview Pro and Opsview Enterprise users should raise support tickets with our technical support team.

How long will you support previous versions of Opsview?

We support the current and one previous version of Opsview generally. Our full support policy is described on our documentation wiki.

Can I activate Opsview in a closed network environment?

Opsview Enterprise supports a manual activation process. This is ideal for closed network environments often used by government and defense industry clients. The manual activation process is described on our Wiki.


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