QuickStart (Standard)

QuickStart: Standard
SKU: OCS10013
  • System design
  • Opsview software installation
  • Configuration of distributed monitoring (if applicable)
  • Assistance with Opsview agent deployment
  • Configuration of service checks and templates
  • Population of Opsview with up to 50 devices
  • Configuration of contact and notification options
  • Assistance with system testing

Customer Pre-requisites

  • Valid Opsview Enterprise Subscription
  • Existing functional network infrastructure with necessary security permissions
  • Suitable server hardware or virtualized infrastructure
  • Access to key members of network, server and application support teams
  • Network topology diagrams
  • Spreadsheet of devices that are in-scope for this project (using Opsview supplied template)
  • Access to Opsview repositories from customer’s infrastructure

Typical Customer

  • An organisation wanting to get Opsview Enterprise deployed into production as quickly as possible


  • Duration: 5 days, onsite

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