Opsview Enterprise

Unified Server, Application and Network Monitoring For Distributed Enterprises

Providing unified service monitoring for large, complex and distributed enterprises, Opsview Enterprise increases customer satisfaction by ensuring the availability and performance of your business-critical IT services.

Drag-and-drop dashboards give visual, end-to-end coverage across your datacenters and the Cloud, while our standards-compliant datawarehouse provides detailed reporting across your entire IT estate.

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enterprise network monitoring dashboardsDashboards

Visualize and correlate metrics from all aspects of your business with one-second granularity.
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enterprise network monitoring autodiscoveryAutodiscovery

Ultra-fast Autodiscovery of devices on your enterprise network, reduces the risk of monitoring gaps and the manual labor required to stay current with changes.Watch Screencast.


enterprise network monitoring reportsReporting

Long-term data retention and three-dimensional analysis enables proactive capacity planning and better problem management. Watch Screencast



mulit-master capabilityMulti-Master

Extend with Multi-master functionality - consolidate real-time telemetry from more than one master server in a single dashboard. Watch Screencast


Is Opsview Enterprise network monitoring right for me?

Opsview Enterprise network monitoring integrates seamlessly with your service desk to reduce the effort in managing and resolving incidents.

Suitable for large scale, mission-critical production deployments, Opsview Enterprise monitoring software is fully supported by our expert team through the whole system lifecycle.

Any sophisticated or large user of IT systems that requires comprehensive enterprise monitoring of their infrastructure and business applications will benefit from Opsview Enterprise. Compare Subscription Plans.

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Opsview has customers throughout the world in all major industries. A typical customer may come to Opsview with as few as 50 devices to monitor or as many as 10,000. Browse a sampling of our customers below or read one of our case studies to learn how we can help you.



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IT monitoring helps you reduce costs and increase efficiency in the datacenter. Choosing the right solution will also enable your staff to resolve issues quickly by showing causal relationships between components through an integrated management console.

But with so many solutions to choose from how do you get the information you need to build a winning game plan for your organization?

Access to our playbooks gives you a detailed comparison between Opsview and other IT monitoring tools to help you understand the relative merits of each solution.

Features Compared

Ease of installation Problems resolution Device discovery Scalability
Reporting tools Community strength Support standards Mobile support


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Nagios Core sample
Icinga sample
Zabbix sample

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Download Opsview Trial onto an existing Linux server, install the appliance in your VMWare virtual environment or launch it in the Cloud.

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Simply copy and paste the key from the email into Opsview Trial to start your free trial.

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