Opsview for SMBs

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Powerful Server, Application and Network Monitoring for up to 200 Devices

If you’re looking for feature-packed, affordable IT monitoring for small to medium sized network infrastructures, you need Opsview.

Opsview Pro's intuitive drag and drop dashboards give visual snapshots and end-to-end coverage of your network, datacenter and cloud applications. Native SNMP Polling and SNMP Trap Processing, auto-discovery as standard and free OpsPacks for 'plug-and-play' monitoring mean you'll be up and running in no time.

Enhanced Feature Set

Opsview Pro's functionality can also be extended with the purchase of additional Extension Packs:

  • Scalability - distributed monitoring and separate database server support
  • Reports - includes 30+ pre-built service level performance templates and access to the Opsview data warehouse
  • Network Analyzer - Powerful NetFlow & SFlow analytics, showing data transfer on networks
  • Support - an additional 5 support incidents per year.

Alternatively choose Opsview Enterprise Iron to monitor up to 300 devices with a full suite of all our Enterprise grade functionality at a fantastic low price. To see what's included in Opsview Enterprise Iron, please visit our subscription plans page.

Once you've purchased a subscription your software can be downloaded as a VMware virtual appliance, installed from our secure Linux repositories or launched on-demand via Amazon EC2.

Training courses are available to help get the most from your investment in Opsview Software - from specific training for Opsview Pro to becoming a fully certified Opsview administrator.


enterprise network monitoring dashboardsDashboards

Visualize and correlate metrics from all aspects of your business with one-second granularity.
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network device autodiscoveryAutodiscovery

Ultra-fast Autodiscovery of devices on your network, reducing the risk of monitoring gaps and the manual labor required to stay current with changes.



network device autodiscoveryExtendable

Extend with optional Reports Pack (with access to the Opsview Datawarehouse) and Scalability Pack (includes slave server monitoring).



Technical SupportTechnical Support

Our support engineers are fully certified with our solutions and backed by the engineering team who develop Opsview. Armed with this expertise, we are able to resolve issues quickly.

Is Opsview Pro network monitoring software right for me?

If you’re looking for an affordable package that will monitor small to medium sized network infrastructures (up to 200 devices) with clear, intuitive dashboard functionality and rapid autodiscovery, you need Opsview Pro.

Larger organisations looking to monitor over 200 devices with access to enterprise reporting, service desk integration and more should check out Opsview Enterprise.