Network Management

Easily Track Your Network Activity and Manage Configurations with Opsview Enterprise

Network management capabilities in Opsview Enterprise enable administrators to quickly see the activity on their networks and securely manage network configurations from a central location. 

Network Analyzer

The Network Analyzer module for Opsview Enterprise delivers powerful NetFlow & SFlow analytics that give network engineers insight into the performance and activity on their networks, enabling fast decision making and capacity planning.

Network administrators can now use Opsview as the “single pane of glass” to track the flow of network data and identify where devices may be overloaded or underutilized, helping analyze historical performance and predict future problems.

Pre-configured dashlets in the module enable easy access to historical NetFlow & SFlow activity, top data transfers, top transmitters & receivers and summary of transfers by sources which can be displayed in custom dashboards.


Network configurations can be securely stored using the Network Analyzer module, helping with network security and change control processes. Alerts can be generated on configuration changes, improving visibility of events and speeding up fault finding, all via a simple web user interface.

Key Benefits

  • See historical information for data transfer across the devices on your network, identifying trends and patterns
  • Analyze which devices are transmitting and receiving the most traffic
  • View a summary of network traffic grouped by device i.e switches, routers
  • Identify which ports are emitting the most traffic or see if a port is inactive
  • Securely store network configurations in a single location improving security and change control processes