Opsview for Enterprise

Unified Server, Application and Network Monitoring For Distributed Enterprises

Providing business service monitoring for large, complex and distributed enterprises, Opsview Enterprise ensures the availability and performance of your critical IT systems. Visualize and correlate metrics from all aspects of your business across multiple platforms and locations from a single screen.

Drag-and-drop dashboards give visual, end-to-end coverage across your datacenters and the cloud, while our standards-compliant data warehouse provides detailed reporting across your entire IT estate.

Opsview Enterprise monitoring software integrates seamlessly with your service desk to reduce the effort in managing and resolving incidents and is fully supported by our expert team through the whole system lifecycle.

Any sophisticated or large user of IT systems that requires comprehensive enterprise monitoring of their infrastructure and business applications will benefit from an Opsview Enterprise subscription.

For highly secure IT environments, Opsview's Security Wallet protects all sensitive data and passwords with AES256 encryption (used for US Government 'Top Secret' files); a vital feature for organisations requiring PCI compliance.

Advanced Enterprise IT Monitoring Functionality:

  • Business Service Monitoring - gives organizations a true view of business operations, enabling support teams to see the overall health of their services, resilience levels and the status of each component within an individual service
  • Reporting & Analytics - advanced reporting and analytics provides deep insight into trends across networks, storage, servers, virtual machines, applications and cloud services
  • Network Management - enables administrators to quickly see the NetFlow data activity on their networks and securely manage network configurations from a central location  

Just a few of our Enterprise customers: