Opsview for Test Environments

Free, Open Source Monitoring Software

Opsview Core is suitable for developers investigating open source monitoring options for small IT and test environments.

Based on Nagios 4, Opsview Core offers fast, simple, open source monitoring with easy access to a wide range of Nagios compatible plugins.

Opsview Core is supported by our active community which provide users and developers with feedback and fixes.

Customers wishing to support a mission critical production environment who would like advanced monitoring functionality including dashboards, auto-discovery, process maps and powerful network analytics should try out the free trial for our Pro and Enterprise versions.

Free Open Source Monitoring Software

Designed for test environments


Get up & running in minutes

Download Opsview Core as a VMware virtual appliance, install it from our Linux repositories or launch it on-demand via Amazon EC2.

Go to Opsview Core downloads


  • How do I upgrade from Core to Pro
    Its easy for anyone familiar with Linux. Watch our tutorial screencast
  • How do I start monitoring stuff?
    To start monitoring your devices, normally you will want to have installed one or more of Opsview's Agents. Installing an agent on your device will allow many more metrics to be gathered than if no agent is available. Watch the Opsview Agent tutorial