Free, IT, Network & Monitoring Software

Opsview Atom - Free, IT network & server monitoring software

Free, IT, Network & Monitoring Software

Genuine enterprise functionality is hard to come by in software these days. It's even harder to find enterprise level software completely free.

However that's exactly what you get with Opsview Atom. Genuine enterprise monitoring functionality without the expense.

Opsview Atom is ideal for personal use, SoHo setups, test or lab environments or just to get your hands dirty with all of Opsview's monitoring functionality!

In just a few short steps you can benefit from enterprise grade monitoring features for up to 25 devices including:

Dashboards Autodiscovery Security Wallet SNMP Traps Opsview Mobile Service Desk Integration

Getting started is easy and it only takes a few minutes. Just click the button below to get your free Opsview Atom software keyYou can renew your subscription each year and it's still free! 

Once you have your key simply download your software, either on a linux server, virtual appliance or on-demand from Amazon EC2, then away you go!

To see some of the great features you get with Opsview take a look at our showreels and tutorials

What's included in your subscription?


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Subscription Free From $795.00 From $9,495.00
Device Coverage Up to 25 Up to 200 Up to 20,000
Business Service Monitoring
SNMP Trap Processing
Security Wallet
Service Desk Connector
SMS Messaging
Technical Support
Enterprise Features Optional
Network Analyzer Optional Optional
BSM Dashboard
Network Analyzer - Top 10 Transfers
Dashboard with drag-and-drop dashlet tray open
Keyword checks
Service Checks
BSM Components
Graphing BSM