Opsview for MSPs

IT Monitoring for Managed Service Providers

Streamlined IT resources offered on-demand are no longer key differentiators for Managed Service Providers, Managed Hosting Providers or Cloud Service Providers. It’s only those Service Providers that can also offer customized services that will maximize the growth opportunities available.

Opsview’s fully multi-tenant and cost-effective managed service provider monitoring software can play a vital role in setting you apart from competitors, aligning your operational costs with revenues and ensuring your service levels meet your customer’s expectations.

  • Our truly elastic pricing model scales with your business but, uniquely, reduces if your customer base shrinks
  • Dynamic dashboards and SLA reports strengthen customer loyalty by demonstrating all the hard work going on behind the scenes 
  • Autodiscovery and easy administration of Opsview managed service provider software frees up your engineers to focus on addressing underlying infrastructure problems, not spending time developing and managing bespoke monitoring software
  • Out-of-the-box reporting and status views means rapid time-to-value. You won't be waiting weeks for internal development resources to produce customized reports
  • True multi-tenancy gives your customers direct access to detailed information about application, operating system, and networking metrics for their specific systems only
  • Our professional support team reduce the risk of running unsupported free software in mission-critical environments
  • Complete coverage of your IT infrastructure (including Cloud monitoring) means future-proofing against new technologies without major changes to your monitoring systems
  • Build your brand by customizing Opsview Enterprise’s dashboards and reports with your corporate logo and service definitions
  • For highly secure IT environments, Opsview's Security Wallet protects all sensitive data and passwords with AES256 encryption (used for US Government 'Top Secret' files); a vital feature for organisations requiring PCI compliance.

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