Open Source Server Monitoring

Opsview Core is an award winning open source IT monitoring tool that allows you to easily diagnose and manage your physical, virtual and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Opsview delivers powerful monitoring without the complexity or expense of proprietary software. The free, open source version of our software, Opsview Core, gives you incredible performance and powerful features and is entirely open for you to customize.

Opsview Core open source server monitoring is available for you to download free of charge. You can use, modify, and redistribute it provided you do so according to the terms of the GPL2 License.

Opsview Open Source Network Monitoring
Intuitive UI showing host status by host group in Opsview Core

Key Benefits

  • Easy-to-use configuration user interface makes setting up monitoring simple
  • Feature-packed distributed monitoring for geographical coverage, scalability and resilience
  • APIs for configuration, monitoring and notification makes your life easier
  • SNMP trap processing incorporating a powerful rules engine means you only get the notifications you need.
  • Easy upgrade path for complex monitoring environments

Which Opsview open source monitor software is right for me?

Opsview Core gives you free open source functionality and features so you can be monitoring your development environment in minutes. However for deployments where the performance and availability of IT systems is critical, Opsview Pro (for SMEs) and Opsview Enterprise (for deployments monitoring up to 20,000 devices) give you the reliability and support you need to ensure the continued availability of systems.