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email server primary/secondary



Is there option to set 2 email servers in Opsview Core:


1) for backup option so if in some case postfix die another one is used

2) for option to send some emails to via (primary postfix) and to send some email using alternative email server ie company one.(this can be used for example for sms2email regarding this to work i must send emailSMS using gateway as mail server).


tnx in advance



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Re: email server primary/secondary

he there,

These are not really Opsview related question, but more on how e-mail and MTA's work.

First off an MTA (like postfix) uses MX-records to forward mail, so if you set as smarthost, and have an MX record (with preference settings) postfix will just switch over when the first (lowest preference) becomes unavailable.

For your second question you can set up your postfix to relay mail for domain A to smarthost A and domain B to smarthost A.

This is handled (I believe) by the postfix transport mechanimse (but I'm sure there's quite a lot of instructions on the internet about settings this up).

hope this helps,


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