Monitoring elasticsearch

monitoring elasticsearchElasticsearch is an open source distributed RESTful search engine built on top of Apache Lucene.

Like any service or component in your architecture, you’ll want to monitor it to ensure that it’s available and gather performance data to help with tuning.

In this brief post, we’ll look at how we can monitor elasticsearch using Opsview and one of the many Nagios plugins available.

Opsview configuration

The rest of the article assumes that you’ve got Opsview (or the Opsview VMWare appliance) installed & have completed the Quick Start.

elasticsearch-specific Plugin

We’ll install the plugin from into /usr/local/nagios/libexec/

The check_elasticsearch plugin is developed using Perl, so that it can be contributed back to Opsview. It requires the CPAN JSON module (sudo cpan -i JSON).

The plugin includes usage instructions, check_elasticsearch -h which can also be viewed in Opsview by selecting the ‘Show Plugin Help‘ link beneath the Plugin drop down.

Service check setup

Figure 1 gives an overview of service check configurations.

monitoring elasticsearch - check definitions

Figure 1 – Check definitions overview

The checks in action

The check results shown in Figure 2 are visible by navigating through the host group hierarchy.


Figure 2 – service check results

Note: They’re showing as warning because the checks were run against a standalone instance rather than a cluster.


The current checks are based on the Cluster Health API, the intention is to add stats/status checks too that will take threshold criteria and output performance data. The code for the check is on GitHub at so feel free to fork & send pull requests.

About the Author

Robin Bramley is Joint Head of Technology at Ixxus and author of the LeanJavaEngineering blog

Legal Disclaimer

This blog post is contributed by a member of the Opsview community. Opsview accept no responsibility for the accuracy of its content and are not liable for any direct or indirect damages caused by its use.



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