Academic Program

The Opsview Academic Program makes it simple and affordable for academic institutions to monitor and manage their IT infrastructure using Opsview Enterprise products.

Up to 25% discount off standard subscription pricing and other great benefits are available to any school, university, department, district or campus.*

Program Benefits

The size, platform diversity and budget restrictions of universities and other academic institutions present a set of unique challenges for IT decision makers.

Opsview delivers a complete set of system and network monitoring capabilities for mixed IT environments in a cost-effective, open solution that is easy to install and use.

Some of the world top educational establishments use Opsview to keep their diverse IT environments operating smoothly.

With pressure to support multiple departments, educational IT teams find Opsview’s features invaluable when consolidating data across multiple locations and multiple technologies.

  • Heterogeneous: monitor a wide range of technologies including Windows, Linux and Solaris
  • Cost-effective: highly competitive pricing with no hidden costs
  • Distributed capabilities: perfect for cross-campus monitoring
  • Granular access control: supports decentralized / departmental systems management

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* Before the software can be purchased, customers must provide proof of eligibility for this program.