Opsview Issues Challenge To Open Source Competitors: “Prove You’re Faster”

READING, UK – Opsview, the business service and IT infrastructure monitoring vendor, today issued a challenge to its open source competitors to prove that they are faster than the latest release of Opsview's free edition. The announcement comes after lab tests show Opsview Core users can experience up to a 50% increase in data throughput if they upgrade.

Opsview Core’s impressive performance gains are due to the software’s exclusive database enhancements and updates to its core engine, substantially reducing the resources required to monitor lots of devices.

Ton Voon, Technical Architect said, “We’ve completely rewritten Opsview Core's database updating subsystem. This, coupled with optimizations to our core monitoring engine, mean that we’re confident Opsview users will now get their critical monitoring status information faster than any other free monitoring solution.”

“In the past Opsview’s Nagios-based engine has been hungry for CPU because of the way it spawns new checks. The latest release of Opsview Core has addressed this issue and consequently seen a massive drop in load averages on the monitoring server,” said Voon.

“Our challenge is a bit of fun but we’re very proud of this latest set of enhancements and want to see how they measure up against the competition. We're continuing to develop our open source software as these improvements feed into our future Enterprise offerings,” adds Voon.

“We now have over 30,000 users around the world. Our eco-system’s feedback is invaluable in helping us achieve the objective of becoming the world’s fastest business service and IT infrastructure monitoring solution,” concludes Voon.

Other improvements include a faster user interface, support for Internet Explorer 10, improved multi-tenancy configurations, latency, disk I/O and CPU usage reductions, and enhanced plugin execution.

Details of the changes and their results can be found on the Opsview blog.

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