Opsview Mobile for iOS

Opsview Mobile is an easy way for Opsview users to check the health of physical, virtual and cloud-based systems (cloud monitoring). It even supports multi-tenancy allowing MSP’s to provide Opsview Mobile directly to their customers.

Due to very popular demand Opsview Mobile is now available for iOS devices. Here are a few reasons to install it:

  • Opsview Mobile enables you to review your host and business service status on your iPhone or iPad
  • Opsview alerts can be pushed straight to your apple device giving you instant notifications wherever you are
  • Analyze service availability over time with rapid graphing – take your device with you to datacenters, meetings or client sites for instant, real-time reporting
  • Intuitive ‘one-tap’ alert acknowledgement and drill-down for rapid issue diagnosis
  • Supports iOS5+ (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5)
  • Native iPad support (all versions)
  • Free to all Opsview users

Push Notifications

Push notifications help make Opsview for iOS a truly pro-active monitoring tool. Even if the Opsview App isn’t running users can be notified that an alert or notification is available. You can launch the app to see the detail of the alert or ignore the notification and leave the app dormant. Push notifications can display an alert message or add a badge to the app icon, along with a notification sound. Push notifications require the latest versions of Opsview to function correctly.

To set-up push notifications use your existing Opsview.com username and password or register for a free account.