Ultra-fast Autodiscovery.

Discover how Opsview starts to monitor your physical, virtual and private cloud infrastructure in seconds.

Now supports VMware ESX/vSphere and agentless Windows detection via WMI.

Opsview 4.5 Out Now!

Opsview 4.5 brings you Business Service Monitoring and a host of new features. 

Track the health of your critical business services in a single view. 

IT system monitoring with Opsview Pro

Network and app monitoring for small to medium-sized organizations, fully supported.
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Enterprise Monitoring Software

Unified service monitoring for large distributed IT environments with enterprise support.
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Opsview monitoring solutions for MSPs

Multi-tenanted and cost-effective IT service monitoring for Managed Service Providers.
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Open Source Monitoring with Opsview Core

Free cloud, virtualized or on-premise monitoring, simple to use and blazingly fast.
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Enterprise IT Monitoring for Networks, Applications, Virtual Servers & the Cloud

By giving unparalleled visibility into every layer of your IT infrastructure, Opsview helps you plan and prioritize your response to events according to their impact on your business services.

95% of users recommend Opsview

I’m particularly happy with the reporting capabilities in Opsview Enterprise. I hadn’t fully appreciated just how useful it is to output service level reports in multiple formats. All of our managed hosting customers now receive scheduled, branded SLA reports that prove the value of our services. Additionally management is now also better informed about the great service my team delivers to our customers and staff.

Fabian Lorenz, Stadtwerke Speyer GmbH


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